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Shed Design
Pearlington, Mississippi, 2007

The 2007 Rebuilding After Katrina (RAK) Summer Studio focused on innovative reuses of salvaged building material to build two small shelters or "sheds" for two families in the rural and recovering community of Pearlington, Mississippi, where Hurricane Katrina first made landfall.  11 undergraduate and graduate-level architecture students from as close by as Slidell, Louisiana to Milan, Italy sought to create multi-purpose inhabitable sheds, as residents were still straining the confines of their FEMA trailers.  Students experimented with locally salvaged building materials (from New Orleans, Biloxi, and other local scrapyards), collaborated on design decisions with clients, and finally applied them to two original shed designs.  Each shed maintains the 12' x 16' Building Goodness Foundation (BGF) building footprint and shares comparable costs, but exceeds its predecessors in building character and performance.  The shed team hopes that its projects inspire Pearlington residents and recovery volunteers to use salvaged building materials in future built projects.

Click here to view more images of the two sheds and the design/build process.