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Hogar Del Viento
Cuidad Obregon, Mexico, 2005

Design-Build Mexico 2004-2005 partnered with the community development organization PROVAY (Comite de Promotion Social Del Valle Del Yaqui A.C.), in this project, PROVAY, unique not-for-profit alliance of private and public agencies and community organizations working in the region of the historic lands of the Yaqui native peoples’ financed the project as part of a community micro-credit program allowing needy families to save towards houses while providing sweat equity work toward their future homes and those of other program participants. This project, Hogar del Viento, Hogar del Sol, resulted from a studio which developed housing designs for Yaqui single mothers and their children in the Sonora Desert of Northern Mexico outside of Cuidad Obregon. In early January 2005, forty studio participants and other student volunteers spent two weeks in the town of Cocorit building two small homes on adjoining lots with shared resources, for members of a typical Yaqui extended family. Because PROVAY is part of a continuing initiative to create beautiful, culturally appropriate and economical housing to Yaqui families, the overarching goal of this project was to provide that organization with a successful, repeatable and ecologically sustainable housing prototype that could be used in future projects.

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