Books and Media Related to BaSiC Initiative

Green Architecture Now! The ecological impact of new construction, once a secondary concern, has become a crucial issue. Badly designed buildings guzzle natural resources and pollute their surroundings; in an era of rocketing energy costs and environmental degradation, the need for a sustainable, energy-efficient architecture is paramount. This book features Basic Initiative’s work with Sustainable Taiwan in developing technological strategies for greening the campus of National Taipei University of Technology in Taiwan.

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Authors: Phillip Jodidio
Publisher: TASCHEN 
Published: April 2009
ISBN: 3836503727 (vinyl-bound, 416 pages)


Studio at Large: Architecture in Service of Global Communities documents the international and regional community studios organized by Sergio Palleroni, Steve Badanes, and David Riley, typically held in intensive ten-week builds in marginalized communities. Involving community members and students, these studios promote maximum use of recycled or inexpensive, locally available materials, as well as lighting and energy systems that reduce utility costs and promote resource conservation. They serve as models for making architectural education relevant to urgent social problems, helping communities mobilize indigenous resources and social capital to develop long-term sustainable practices that protect rather than erode cultural identity, dignity, and stability. These pioneering design/build programs have uniquely combined innovative architectural training with cross-cultural immersion, social activism, and environmental science, using design skills and hands-on construction projects to confront poverty and urgent social problems--one building at a time.
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Authors: Sergio Palleroni with Christina Merkelbach
Foreward: Bryan Bell
Publisher: University of Washington Press
Published: October 2004
ISBN: 0295984325 (paperback, 191 pages)

Expanding Architecture: Design as Activism "presents a new generation of creative design carried out in the service of the greater public and greater good. Questioning how design can improve daily lives, editors Bryan Bell and Katie Wakeford map an emerging geography of architectural activism that is rich in its diversity of approaches. More than thirty essays by practicing architects and designers, urban and community planners, landscape architects, environmental designers, and members of other fields present recent work from around the world that suggests the countless ways that design can address issues of social justice, allow individuals and communities to plan and celebrate their own lives, and serve a much larger percentage of the population than it has in the past. Clearly demonstrating a trend that is moving from the margins into the mainstream, the work encompasses community activism; sustainability; new approaches to prefabrication, manufactured housing, and modular design; a merging of the roles of designer and developer; a deepening commitment to pro bono work; and much more." -Metropolis Books
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Authors include: Bryan Bell, Katie Wakeford, Steve Badanes, Roberta Feldman, Sergio Palleroni, Katie Swenson, and John Peterson
Editors: Bryan Bell and Katie Wakeford
Foreward: Thomas Fisher
Publisher: Metropolis Books
Published: October 2008
ISBN: 1933045787 (paperback, 288 pages)

Design for the Other 90%: "Of the world's total population of 6.5 billion, 90% have little or no access to most of the products and services many of us take for granted; in fact, nearly half do not have regular access to food, clean water, or shelter. Design for the Other 90% explores more than thirty projects which reflect the growing movement among designers, engineers, students and professors, architects, and social entrepreneurs to design low-cost solutions for this other 90%. Published in conjunction with a major exhibition on view at the Smithsonian s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Design for the Other 90% highlights a wide variety of design innovations that address the basic challenges of survival and progress faced by the world s poor and marginalized." -Editions Assouline
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Author: Cynthia E. Smith
Publisher: Editions Assouline
Published: September 2007
ISBN: 0910503974 (paperback, 144 pages)

e2 Design: Season 1: Episode 2, "Green for All," "Green for All," "follows architect and activist Sergio Palleroni as he continues his mission to provide architectural and design solutions to regions in social and humanitarian crisis. Palleroni already has four global initiatives underway aimed at providing architecture students with hands-on field experience building housing for the poor. This episode finds him in East Austin, Texas and in Mexico, where he and his student team are helping threatened communities build thousands of homes while teaching residents to be resourceful in cutting costs and using local materials." -PBS
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Narrator: Brad Pitt
Studio: PBS
DVD Release: August 2006
ASIN: B000UAE8FS (180 Runtime)

Design Like You Give a Damn: Architectural Responses to Humanitarian Crises: "The greatest humanitarian challenge we face today is that of providing shelter. Currently one in seven people lives in a slum or refugee camp, and more than three billion people-nearly half the world’s population-do not have access to clean water or adequate sanitation. The physical design of our homes, neighborhoods, and communities shapes every aspect of our lives.Yet too often architects are desperately needed in the places where they can least be afforded. Edited by Architecture for Humanity, Design Like You Give a Damn is a compendium of innovative projects from around the world that demonstrate the power of design to improve lives. The first book to bring the best of humanitarian architecture and design to the printed page, Design Like You Give a Damn offers a history of the movement toward socially conscious design and showcases more than 80 contemporary solutions to such urgent needs as basic shelter, health care, education, and access to clean water, energy, and sanitation. Featured projects include some sponsored by Architecture for Humanity as well as many others undertaken independently, often against great odds. Design Like You Give a Damn is an indispensable resource for designers and humanitarian organizations charged with rebuilding after disaster and engaged in the search for sustainable development. It is also a call to action to anyone committed to building a better world." -Metropolis Books
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Editor: Architecture for Humanity
Publisher: Metropolis Books
Published: January 2006
ISBN: 1933045256 (paperback, 336 pages)