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Design a village; Change a life
Aldea El Eden y Aldea San Jose, Matagalpa, Nicaragua 2007


In collaboration with Agros International, Global Studio, Herrera Environmental and the villagers of El Eden and San Jose, the intention of this studio was to facilitate community members' participation in the design and decision-making process of a Community Master Plan, with the hopes of empowering the community to think pro-actively about their collective future.

The first two weeks of the 2007 studio were spent in El Eden, whose Master Plan was developed in 2006. With community members the Global Studio team began the construction of 2 composting toilets in El Eden (since we left in July they have built 7!). The time working in the village allowed the Global Stuido to gain insight into rural Nicaraguan culture and develop understandings of this unique place. The knowledge gained enabled us to develop a more complete and sensitive plan for, and with, the village. of San Jose

The remaining four weeks of the Studio were spent living in Aldea San Jose. Issues addressed in developing a master plan for San Jose included: water distribution, housing/lot layout, agricultural infrastructure, design of a school and health center and how these elements work together to develop community and communal spaces.

We are busy planning the 2008 Global Studio in Nicaragua, email for more information.