The programs of the BaSiC Initiative are divided into the following three categories:

Global Community Studios
address the challenges and urgent physical needs of marginalized communities around the globe. Offering architectural solutions beyond simple shelter, this program seeks to provide holistic environmental solutions to clients' needs including energy, waste, and water concerns. Students involved in these studios are taught to look beyond national politics to see themselves as global citizens.

Local Community Studios encourage students to apply the principles of fieldwork-based education in their own back yards. Identifying needs within their own city, participants are asked to face complex, previously unnoticed issues such as those of poverty, cultural isolation and urban decay in order to provide creative solutions through design and construction.

Housing Studios seek to acknowledge the great number of people living in overcrowded, substandard or inadequate housing conditions. Going beyond the issue of shelter, this work seeks to provide "homes" to serve as social building blocks for both families and communities. An important goal of this work is overcoming our culture's suspicion of public housing and the impression that it is purely a social issue. Each housing studio undertakes this challenge by  introducing construction methods that make the economic and ecological benefits of  sustainability accessible to people of very modest means, in housing designs that celebrate each family's sense of home.