[Oct 28] View BaSiC Argentina Summer 2011 Project Booklet [Visit]

[Oct 26]

[Apr 4] BEYOND SHELTER: Architecture and Human Dignity, Coming to Stores March 31st [Visit]


[Aug 26] Visit the new Ladakh team project site [Visit]

[Dec 1] Design for the Other 90% Exhibit invites Sergio Palleroni to Discuss Sustainable Design. Dec, 3 at 7:30 pm at Mercy Corps Action Center [Visit]

[Nov 10] Discovery Channel featurette presenting work of Sustainable Taiwan premiered this month. [Visit]

[Nov 9] "What 1 Billion Slum Dwellers Mean for the Environment" video online. Sergio Palleroni joined talk at the National Building Museum in Jan 2008. [Visit]

[Jun 8] Sergio Palleroni & BaSiC Initiative featured in Arcade: Architecture and Design in the Northwest. [Visit]

[May 8] Alley Flat Initiative wins Central Texas Stewardship Award for redevelopment. [Visit]

[May 1] Sergio Palleroni featured in May/June 2009 Natural Home Magazine panel on the future of green building. [Visit]

[Apr 8] BaSiC Initiative program in Ladakh, India now open for summer 2009 applications. [Visit]

[Jan 21] In 2009, BaSiC Initiative will travel to Nicaragua to work with local residents to plan for and build a health clinic. [Visit]

[Nov 20] Alley Flat Initiative Wins National Green Building Council Award [Visit]

[Jan 22] Sergio Palleroni will be speaking at the National Building Museum's 'For the Greener Good: Conversations That Will Change the World.' [Visit]

[Dec 6] Sergio Palleroni will be giving the keynote speech at the unveiling of our much anticipated unveiling of the Alley Flat Initiative on Second Life. [Visit]

[Nov 12] On November 12, 2007 an informational session about the Alley Flat Initiative was held at Nuevo Leon Restaurant in East Austin. [Visit]

[Oct 14] Biloxi Housing Relief: University of Texas students and Sergio Palleroni spent a weekend doing design/build work on Patty's house in Biloxi, MS. This house is an ongoing project of the Penn State,Design Corps,the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio and the Basic Initiative. [Visit]

[Sep 20] Sergio Palleroni, will be a featured speaker on September 20th, at the West Coast Green, the largest residential green conference in the US. Speaking on "Global Ecology" with co-presenters Cameron Sinclair,co-founder, Architecture for Humanity, and Eric Scott Freed, principal of organicARCHITECT. [Visit]

[Sep 19] "Design for the other 90%" closes at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, with a special closing night event "Design for Survival". Sergio Palleroni, of the BASIC Initiative, and Center for Sustainable development at UT Austin, as well as Sheila Kennedy, of Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Boston and Mohammed Bah Abba, Pot-in-Pot Cooler, all participants in the show, will be presenting at this event. They will be addressing the long term issues and challenges, and potential, of design to help address the issues of poverty, scarcity and economics faced by the world's poorest citizens. [Visit]

[Sep 18] Katrina Furniture Project The Katrina Furniture Project will be featured in an upcoming issue of Time Magazine. Look for it on the magazine racks or check it out now by clicking on the 'visit' link. [Visit]